Ascension Vodka Label

Pure, Refined and Top Shelf are just a few words that are used to describe our premium Vodka. The finest American grains, exceptionally pure Cascade mountain water, and our unique natural filtering process provide Valley Shine's Ascension Vodka with a smoothness and drinkability that you will have to taste to believe.

The legal definition of Vodka is an odorless and tasteless sprit that is filtered for purity. Many brands of Vodka on the shelf today do not hit this difficult ideal for a variety of reasons. Valley Shine Distillery however provides its customers with hands down the best definition of Vodka on the market today. Ascension Vodka is so smooth you can easily enjoy it on the rocks or in your favorite classy martini. For those of you who don't care to enjoy Vodka straight Ascension Vodka will pair perfectly with whatever you choose to mix it with, such as fruit juice or soda and lime. Some of the best flavored martinis are made with Ascension Vodka, just ask your local bartender.

Valley Shine Distillery's Ascension Vodka starts with only the finest American grains and a process refined through years of experience and science. Ascension Vodka is 6 times distilled to ensure purity and perfect smoothness. Ultimate care is taken to ensure Valley Shine Distillery's vodka reaches a minimum of 190 proof, this difficult step eliminates impurities, off flavors, and odors. The exquisite 190 proof sprit is then blended with tremendously fresh, purified Cascade mountain water, for a truly Northwest vibe.

The final step in producing Ascension Vodka is essentially what sets Valley Shine's vodka apart from all other spirits and all other Vodkas on the market. Valley Shine Distillery engineered and developed a unique filtration system specifically to create the purest vodka possible. This unique filtration process mimics the process Mother Nature uses to create artesian spring water. This process cannot be rushed or forced with modern technology, time and gravity must work together to make the process successful. This one of a kind gravity filtration system is slow thus adding to the exclusivity of this premium vodka. Ascension Vodka is created in small batches, filtered slow and handcrafted with a passion for quality. This is a true craft Vodka.

However you enjoy vodka, on the rocks, in your favorite martini or even mixed with your favorite juice or fruit, Valley Shine Distillery's Ascension Vodka won't disappoint. I encourage you to pick up a bottle today and find out for yourself what makes Valley Shine Distillery's Ascension Vodka the best craft distillery vodka you will find. Feel free to share, or keep it for yourself, either way you will experience greatness!