How long does it take to ship a product?

All in stock products are carefully packaged and leave Valley Shine Distillery within 24 hours of placing the order

Where can I find your spirits and liqueurs?

Valley Shine Distillery Products are found at various grocery stores and liquor stores.  Check the web site for a list of locations or let us know where you are located and we can let you know the closest place to find us.  You can also purchase from the distillery anytime.  Asking your local store to carry our products is always appreciated as well. 

What does small batch mean?

Small batch means we products our products in quantities of no more than 20 gallons at a time to ensure quality and flavor.

Can I buy your spirits online?

This is heavily dependent on where you live?  Feel free to call for details.  Washington State Residents, Yes, other states is dependent. 

If I live in an area that doesnt currently carry your product how do I get it

Simply ask your local liquor store or sprits provider for our products and most quality stores will bring it in.  Feel free to pass them along our direct number for expedited service.  360-853-6702

What is the difference between a liqueur and a flavored vodka?

Liqueurs by law have to have 2.5% sugar content, vodkas do not allow this.  This will make the spirit a little sweeter and have much less alcohol taste.  We also add high quality ingredients to our liqueurs to provide them with bold, soothing flavors. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as good of fashion cash. (USD)

If I qualify for shipping, typically how much does it cost to ship spirits?

If you qualify, shipping is typically about $18 per bottle but a case of 6 is usually around $45.  There are definite economies of scale.  Any order over 6 bottles will be shipped in multiple boxes. 

Do you offer tours?

Yes, we offer tastings and tours.  We are open Wed-Sun. 

Check out our Facebook for events and hours.

For private tours and/or tastings call 360-588-4086