Red X Gin Label

Red X Gin is distilled 7 times for exceptional purity and premium flavor. Our process is lengthy but the results are clearly worth the time. It is distilled through only the finest botanicals available guaranteeing bountiful flavors and inviting aromas. After one taste of Red X Gin you will understand we take the time to perfect our craft and produce a top shelf gin.

Seattle International Spirits Awards - Won Silver

Gin is a complex sprit that allows its architect to be creative and unique. It can be incredibly difficult and time consuming to select the proper botanicals and engineer the exact formula that will encourage the palate of the discerning Gin connoisseur. Valley Shine Distillery takes this tricky and occasionally elusive spirit and dominates the industry with a Gin that is un-paralleled in quality, drinkability, flavor and aroma. Red X Gin is amazingly flavorful with an abundant yet intriguing nose and a smooth refreshing finish. Many people ask how a small batch distillery can create the best overall gin on the market, the answer my friend's lies in the question, "small batch".

Valley Shine Distillery's Red X Gin is the epitome of small batch. Nine impeccable gallons of Red X Gin are collected for each perfectly calibrated basket of botanicals. This allows Valley Shine Distillery to ensure that the botanicals aren't being over used and guarantees optimum flavor. Premium organic botanicals are selected from only the best regions in the United States for each of the five varieties used. Most of the botanicals used are considered to be a rare delicacy with two being some of the most expensive in the world. Valley Shine Distillery spared no expense to create the best Gin on the market, and prides its self on presenting it to you at a practical cost.

Months of time and dozens of experimental formulas went into crafting Valley Shine Distillery's Red X Gin. Now that the perfect recipe has been created and the bottles are ready to go I encourage you to find your best gin recipe and put Red X Gin to the test. Let the hard work of Valley Shine Distillery entice your senses, please your palate and ease the stress of the day away. Pick up a bottle of Red X Gin today and see what everyone has been talking about.