Revolution Rum Label

Revolution Rum will inspire your faith in an American finished rum. This rum is aged in old Bourbon barrels providing it with a unique flavor profile. Hints of Vanilla will intrigue your pallet upon tasting this versatile and exquisite rum. Just adding Revolution Rum to your favorite rum cocktail will put a smile on your face year round.

Seattle International Spirits Awards - Won Gold: Best in Category

The age old question "Why is all the rum gone?" finally has an answer. Revolution Rum is so good you will know why it's next to impossible to keep around the house. This amazing rum is aged in used Benjamin's Bourbon barrels for at least 18 months before it is bottled and ready to enjoy. The barrel ageing process gives Revolution Rum amazing character and a deep flavor profile. The vanilla notes will fill your palate with sweet sensations while the oak undertones will keep it smooth and relaxed. Very few rum products are created and aged with such care and precision; only the best ingredients are sourced and used in this Revolutionary process. Revolution Rum is Valley Shine Distillery's newest product and the market has responded immediately to its quality and Northwest take on a Caribbean classic.

Craft distilleries are generating a spirits revolution in this country. They are showing the consumer that good small batch, hand crafted sprits are far superior to any of the commercial brands on the shelf today. Because of this Revolution in the industry Valley Shine Distillery decided to bestow its rum the name Revolution Rum. Not only are rum products rare in the Northwest they are typically better than the ones found in your typical rum regions. The care and creativity Valley Shine put into Revolution Rum is apparent the second you take your first sip. Smooth and flavorful this rum will go great with any of your favorite cocktails, and is just as great neat or on the rocks.

I encourage you to join the spirits Revolution, try some small batch, craft distilled products and see why this movement is sweeping the nation. Pick up a bottle of Revolution Rum today and answer for yourself "Why is all the Rum gone?"