Spider Bite Rum Label

If you like black licorice you will love this liqueur. Only the finest and purest spirits go into making this liqueur. The focus of Spider Bite was to create a top shelf liqueur that could be enjoyed in any atmosphere. Whether your sipping a small glass after dinner or enjoying shots at the bar with friends this 60proof premium liqueur will fit right in.

Whether it's a party of one or a stadium full of people, Spider Bite always brings the party. This 60 proof black licorice liqueur will impress any licorice lover and have fun doing it. The quality presented by Valley Shine Distillery provides this liqueur with a drinkability matched by no one. The moment you open the bottle your senses will be filled with the aroma of sweet black licorice and your mind will wander to good times of sneaking grandmas savory licorice candies. With your mouth watering pour an ounce or two in a glass, straight up or on the rocks, and enjoy your first sip. The immense flavor and smooth finish will surprise you at first but intrigue you take another taste. Most people find it hard to believe that Spider bite being 60 proof can be so smooth and so flavorful, they tend to ask for reassurance. I assure you if it came from Valley Shine Distillery it is just that good, welcome to the best, and enjoy.

Spider Bite Liqueur is created by taking Valley Shine Distillery's premium grain spirit and adding just the right amount of sugar to it in order to create the perfect liqueur base. All natural anise is added to the mix in a carefully calibrated quantity, to achieve ideal flavor. Premium caramel is then incorporated into the batch to finish the flavor profile and smooth out the finish. Spider Bite is then aged for a period of time to let the flavors blend together creating the perfect black licorice liqueur.

Valley Shine Distillery's Spider Bite Liqueur is best served chilled strait up or on the rocks. If straight up isn't your thing this diverse liqueur can also be used to make a ton of amazing cocktails. One of the distiller's favorite cocktails includes equal parts Spider Bite, orange juice and cranberry juice. Mix in a rocks glass with ice and add a splash of grenadine to top it off, get ready to enjoy the perfect simple cocktail you won't be able to put down. I encourage you to take a bottle of Spider Bite to enjoy where ever you go, whether it is shots to get the evening started or a shared flask to close the festivities and watch the sun rise with a companion, Spider Bite will always be a fan favorite. When you think party, think Spider Bite and get the celebration off to the perfect start.