Ascension Vodka Label

This premium Toffee liqueur is best served around a crackling fire, in fact it is known for being passed around a bonfire on a warm summer evening, and for warming the insides on a snowy day. Bonfire displays smooth flavors and provides a sweet warmth all the way through the finish. This dream team of features is sure to make any crackling fire more enjoyable.

Every once in a long while you stumble across a product or engage in an experience that truly transforms your view of how things should be. Believe it or not Bonfire is one of those products and will definitely provide you with that exact experience. For years people have believed alcohol burns, tastes bad and provides displeasing aromas. For these people the transformation is about to begin. On the surface Bonfire is a 60 proof Toffee flavored liqueur, but it goes much deeper than that. When you open a bottle of Bonfire for the first time your senses will be overwhelmed with mouthwatering aromas of toffee and caramel. Based on smell alone you will be so eager to taste it you will want to take a pull right from the bottle, but I encourage you to slow down, select your favorite rocks glass, pour a few ounces in it, settle into your favorite chair, take a sip and let the day fade away. The sweet toffee flavors will consume your palate, the smoothness will surprise you and the 60 proof will warm you to the core.

Bonfire was created to be a perfectly smooth liqueur that can easily be sipped and enjoyed neat or on the rocks. This was made possible by following Valley Shine Distillery's philosophy of only using the best ingredients, not to mention spending 18 months experimenting and perfecting the recipe. Bonfire starts with Valley Shine's amazing 6 times distilled corn based spirit. This base spirit reaches 190 proof to ensure purity before it is carefully blended with incredibly pure, filtered Cascade Mountain water and only the highest grade cane sugar. This method provides Valley Shine Distillery with the best liqueur base on the market today, not to mention it carries one of the highest alcohol contents in the liqueur category as well. Caramel and toffee are then added to the liqueur in just the right quantities, the batch is carefully aged to let the flavors meld together and finally Bonfire is thoughtfully packaged for your enjoyment.

Bonfire is truly an inspired product. Inspired by memories that occasionally pop into your head when you least expect it. Sub-conscious memories that come flooding to the front of your mind when you smell a camp fire, hear a song from years ago, or experience a certain flavor. Memories of good times sitting around a bonfire with friends, snuggling up with your special someone next to a crackling fire place while the snow flies outside, or making memories at the beach on a balmy summer night. I encourage you to let Bonfire be a part of your next experience, that way anytime you feel like bringing back that moment or memory all you have to do is pour a glass of Bonfire and reminisce while you plan your next memory.